Back to Preschool

Thank you to everyone who left me my first comments with some helpful hints!  You have no idea how excited I was to see that I had comments!!

Anyways, moving on…Today made me feel like I was back in preschool.  Maybe you can all relate or maybe it’s just me, but not only is college like a big bubble, but it is very similar to preschool.

I mean honestly (as sad as this is), but the only reason that I found out about Osama Bin Laden‘s death is because people were screaming out the windows and singing “God Bless America”.

Let me explain the rest of my college-preschool experience;

Example A: Lunch Time

Shannon ended up sleeping through our lunch date so I ate alone, which is totally fine with me! I love people-watching!

I went to one of our university dining halls and got my favorite wrap.  I literally only get it for the wrap, I don’t care what’s inside of it!

all for the price of 2 meals!

We don’t deal with money.  Currency exists in the form of meal swipes.  I honestly couldn’t tell you how much that meal would actually cost, I just know I can get it for two swipes!

The wrap started out looking like this:

Wheat wrap, romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, chick peas, black beans, purple cabbage, shredded carrots, balsamic vinegar

and then I did what I always do to those poor wraps:

poured out the contents so that I could eat the wrap last! Gotta save the best for last!

with a side of:


Example B: Nap Time and Arts & Crafts

While Shannon took a nap, Claire and I did some arts and crafts and listened to music…

She colored pictures while I mastered my cutting skills:

these took me forever!

and painted my nails:

summer colors, finally!

and then it was time for dinner (not mad at that):

romaine, chick peas, tomatoes, green beans, hummus, tofu, honey dew, and a slice of wheat bread!

followed with the best part of the meal day:

chocolate-chip cookie pie

I’m usually not a fan of university desserts, but this was definitely calling my name!  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a dessert like this and I don’t know any preschoolers that would turn this down!

Now I’m off to seek out some blogs that I like and add them to my Google Reader (even though I have no clue what that is!)

Questions: When you were in college, or if you’re in college now, did you feel like you lived in a bubble?  Did being in college remind you of preschool?

I might be the only one who experiences this….embarrassing haha


9 thoughts on “Back to Preschool

  1. That is one good looking dessert! I didn’t feel like I was exactly in a bubble at college but I also had a lot going on off campus so that’s probably why. Congrats on the blog start up!

  2. Yup. We are the same person.
    I eat my wrap separately from the insides. I ate an entire bag of edamame today. And my dinners at the school cafeteria look identical to that. And I don’t get google reader at all.

  3. You have some maad cut out skills! That heart is so cute!
    Your school cafeteria looks BOMB!
    Looove the nail color!
    You are going to love google reader! It took me awhile to learn how to use it but it really does organize all the blogs I love 🙂

  4. I’m in college now, but I go to an urban campus and live about 15 minutes away, so I don’t feel like I’m in a bubble. I spent a weekend with my friend who goes to University of Oregon a few years ago. It was her freshman year, so she was in the dorms and living on the meal card. I was down there because I was running a marathon that started on campus (Phil Knight, Nike founder, went to UO so sports are a big theme there), and that weekend alone was enough to turn me away from the “college experience”. The cafeteria was so gross!

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