I spent what felt like forever two hours at work this afternoon just typetypetyping away.  I work in one of the University dining halls as a nutrition intern.  Usually working on the computer is totally fine and I’m happy to do whatever job is asked of me..

but tonight it was downright painful!  My wrists felt like someone was twisting them backwards.  I’m getting too old for this…

Dinner immediately followed and made it all better! 🙂

Good food, good friends and definitely a good time:

romaine, black beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, canteloupe, honey dew and a dollop of vegan risotto
whole wheat bagel, peanut butter and cinnamon apples

That bagel tasted like apple pie!  Maybe I was really hungry and a little bit delirious, but it was delicious either way 🙂

I’m going to read and draw for awhile before I pass out..

Have a good night everyone!


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