For the Speed Or the Feel?

Goooooooooood afternoon, buttercups!

Sorry that last post was all over the place.  I literally wrote, edited and posted that in 15 minutes because I wanted to get to one more cardio tone class before the year comes to an end.  I have only been to one this year and when I was there, there was only one other girl and the instructor.  The entire time, they both kept saying how it’s a tough class and most people can’t handle it, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely a great class!  It alternates cardio and strength training and really makes you sweat and feel the burn!  All positives in my book!  I just haven’t found time to go back, but I wanted to go back to show that the class isn’t too hard for me.

As soon as I got there, the instructor decided to cancel!


attractive, no?

So I decided to use that opportunity (already dressed & in a working out mindset) to go for a run and do some light strength training.  I didn’t have my phone, my iPod or any other electronic device for that matter and that got me thinking;  What kind of difference would there be in my workout if I had no clue about my stats.

There was no way for me to tell how fast I was running, how far I was running, or how long I ran for..

…and I think I liked it more.

I completely understand that electronics help to track progress and accomplishments, but on those days were all I need is a solid run to relax and enjoy myself, then why bring the gadgets?  I think the numbers stress me out more than anything else and for what?  If I’m not training for something, which I haven’t been for a long time, they why not ditch the gadgets and start exercising for the feel of it?  I want to start teaching myself to push harder through the way I feel, not the numbers I see on my watch.

I’m not sure if that really made any sense so on to simpler topics:


After completing;

  • what I later found out to be a half hour of sweaty running
  • 4 sets of 15 rep rowing
  • 3 sets of 10 rep dips
  • 3 sets of 20 rep regular and reverse hip abductors
  • 15 minutes of various ab workouts

I was ready for some fooooood!

Cheerios, hiding raw oats, banana, unsweetened almond milk

I may miss school, but I won’t miss the lack of healthy options!  Since I’m basically moved out, I only have oatmeal in my room and I needed some carb-age (rhymes with garbage, but they are complete opposites!).  The University offers the following cereals:

  • So-Much-Added-Sugar Flakes
  • Even-More-Added-Sugar Crunch
  • Pretend-To-Be-Good-For-You-Chocolate Bites
  • Cheerios

Cheerios looked like a good option and they were delicious!  Just what I was craving :]

Questions: When you’re working out just for the workout (no goal in mind), do you push yourself to meet a specific time/speed or do you just go by the way you feel?


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