I Fell!

off the face of the Earth, that is 😉

I haven’t had internet connection since Sunday and it feels like ages.  I moved our family computer to my brother’s room and destroyed our connection,  but it’s working now and I’m baaaack like ripoff pants.  No?  They will never be back.

Anyways, the last few days have been a huge jumble of work, working out, food shopping, friends, cooking, biking, tving, wasting time, loving my life.  I haven’t taken any photos, but I will leave you with one that was taken before going shopping 🙂

The Real World is on tonight!  Grab someone to snuggle with, get a snack, get a snuggie and make sure you watch it!  You won’t regret it 😉


  • What TV shows do you look forward to?

3 thoughts on “I Fell!

  1. Welcome back to the planet! Right now (as in RIGHT now) I am catching up on 6 seasons of Supernatural. Makes an excellent blogging companion

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