Fresh Pasta

Yesterday I decided to be daring.  I did the unthinkable…I…

…decided to attempt at making fresh pasta from scratch.  Even more surprising, it was a SUCCESS!


I followed Alton Brown’s recipe for fresh pasta made from 3 cups flour, 2 eggs, 1 tsp. of olive oil, 1 tsp of salt and 3 Tbs. of water. 
The prep is incredibly quick and easy.  It’s the rolling and cutting (since I don’t have a pasta machine) that is a bit labor intensive, but completely worth it!  I wish I had taken some pictures of the process, but I’ll just need to do it again!  I’m thinking pumpkin ravioli for next time!

I made fresh tomato sauce and meatballs, as well.  I thought the meatballs were bland, but everyone seemed to enjoy them and there is only a half of one left.

Tonight I’m having a girl’s night with my friend, Maeghan, complete with gossip, a fudge brownie or three, and trashy television.

Homemade falafel is on the books for tomorrow.  I sure do love having a kitchen.  These weeks are flying way too quickly.  I need to soak up every last minute!

ImageThat’s Toby, protecting his treat.

Until next time!


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