So my master plan to make falafel fell through after major mall sales sucked me in for too many hours.  Russ and I only went to return a few items, but then I remembered how much I need this and that and we ended up staying until almost 7 pm.


Those little machines just suck you right in.  You pay your $.50 and then you get 5-6 pieces.  Disappointment.

Anyways, we arrived home to a homemade falafel dinner with fresh pita.  Mom saved the day.  Well, she saved dinner at the least.

We had a pretty relaxing night with too many episodes of Undercover Boss.  I really like the show-especially the end where the CEOs give the employees big gifts to make their lives a little bit easier.

I woke up with plans to run 14 miles with a friend and started the day with my favorite:Image

Those plans changed when this happened:


I’m not going to lie, I did attempt to drive to the place where we were running, but when the car slid for the third time, I decided I rather bite the bullet and listen to my mom’s “I told you so” then end up dead.  I’m a genius.

I slowly made my way back home and ran around 8 miles.  I didn’t take my iPhone, so I couldn’t track the distance.  If you want to get a lot of mean looks, go running in a storm and make people move over for you. 

When I got home, I quickly showered and put together the most random lunch.  I can hardly call it lunch because an hour later, I’m hungry again.



I don’t really know what the rest of the day will look like, but no better excuse to lay around and watch movies than a blizzard outside.  Actually, it’s only like 2.5 inches.

Until next time 🙂


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