Catching Up with Cross Country

Time completely flies.  I honestly keep up with time and I can’t wrap my mind around the way that I wake up around 7:30 each morning, and before I realize it, I’m in bed.  Time, slow down!

Last night, there was a cross country pasta party reunion that I organized with another team member.  I ran three years of cross country in high school and I really think it was the perfect example of a love-hate relationship.  I LOVED being part of a team.  There is nothing that will bring a group of people closer than a common goal and shared experiences.  We worked hard at practice together and we got through the anxiety of long hill workouts or track workouts together.  As much as I loved the team and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from running as hard as you can for 3.1 miles, or knowing that you just sprinted 3-4 miles on the track, or ran up and down a hill for an hour, cross country was the source of a lot of stress.  I work hard at what I commit to and I try to do those things well.  Fear of not being able to do my best was always a huge source of stress for me.  Realistically, I always knew that I was on the tail end of the team, but hey, someone needs to come in last (or close to last).  I never minded being in the back, as long as I did my absolute best.  Hell, I ran an entire season with Tendonitis because I refused to quit.  Anyway, long story short, it was a great experience that taught me the value of discipline, commitment, hard work and time management, but most importantly, I made some really great friends and more than anything, I miss the strong team bond that cross country provided. 


So, for the last three years, we have had a reunion pasta party over winter break to catch up with each other and just talk about what has occurred over the year.

Last year was our pasta party and it was so, so, so much fun.  I stayed for almost five hours and found myself completely engrossed in what everyone has been up to.  It’s so strange to think that I haven’t been in high school for three years. Three years!  How has time gone so fast?

Our pasta parties in high school were famous for their huge array delicious foods.  There were always tons of pasta options, from plain pasta with sauce to lasagna, stuffed shells and tomato pies.

And let’s not forget the desserts-“magic bars”, “crack bars”, cookies, brownies galore.  Looking back, we probably would have ran better races if we didn’t eat SO MUCH the night before!  None of us would change that though.  I think I speak for everyone when I say that those pasta parties are some of the best high school memories.

Last night was no different.  Tons of food!Image

It’s not a pasta party without pasta, bread sticks and tomato pie!

No pictures of dessert, but trust me when I say that there were five types of ice cream, fudge, cheesecake cookie-things, cookies and I made fresh cranberry crumble bars.  Everyone gobbled them up and I thought they were especially good with a little bit of vanilla ice cream.

Besides the food, though, was the company.  I didn’t really realize how much I missed that team bonding feeling until last night.Image

I can’t wait until next year’s party!  Or even better, maybe we can get together more than once a year 🙂


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