Veggie Pizza

So my mom and I were talking about dinner plans yesterday and my mom suggested that we order a couple of veggie pizzas for the family. The two of us are leaving for Cuba tomorrow, so something easy makes the most sense, right?   Veggie pizza sounded great…but I why order them when you can make them? .  They would be less expensive, we could pick the toppings and it’s so much more fun!

There is something that makes homemade food so much better- knowing that creativity, time and love went into your food gives it a flavor that no store or restaurant can replicate.  photo(16)

So we bought Trader Joe’s wheat and white doughs.  They come in a bag, ready to be rolled and made into someone’s dinner.  I’m pretty sure they’re not any better than homemade.

I made tomato sauce and we bought a bunch of toppings-spinach, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.

We bought a blend of four cheeses.  I kind of wished we had ricotta, but that’s for next time.

I rolled and fought with the dough a bit…Image

Until it finally resembled something like pizza dough…Image


I baked the dough for ten minutes with hope that it would make a crispier final product. To get it really crispy, the oven needs to be at least 500 degrees, but right now we’re working with an oven that only goes to 450. Womp.

We added toppings


I added a bunch of toppings and baked it for twenty five minutes at 450 degrees. 



For the second pizza, I sauteed the mushrooms and onions before putting them on the pizza, which added a lot of flavor! Both were delicious, a lot of fun to make and the topping possibilities are endless! 

Both pies disappeared between five people.  If that doesn’t say it was good, I don’t know what does.

Off to Cuba for twelve days tomorrow. I will return with too many photos to count and posts about our time spent there.

Until next time! 


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