Super Bowl Weekend

Good afternoon!

This weekend came and went much faster than I would have liked, but at least I did a lot of relaxing and catching up!

The weekend began on Friday night by going to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower with a friend.  I read the book years ago and really enjoyed it, although I don’t completely remember what it was about.  I didn’t know they had turned the book into a movie until I saw it on the list of movies playing at school.  I was really excited to see it and I ended up really liking it!  It was funny at times, sad at times, and definitely heartwarming.  Also, it wasn’t too long, which was great.  When movies drag on, I tend to get impatient and bored, so I was happy to see that the movie was only about an hour and twenty.  I would definitely recommend the movie for a date night or something like that.  There was a quote that they mentioned a couple of times during the movie that really stuck with me- “We accept the love we think we deserve”.  Ah, it gives me chills.

Saturday was nothing exciting, but very relaxing.  I went to the gym as soon as it opened, babysat for most of the day and then headed to Russ’!  When I got there, he had dinner all ready 🙂


He’s a real charmer.  He even used a couple egg whites, just for me.  Russ is an expert when it comes to pasta, cheese and eggs…

We spent the night catching up on Breaking Bad (SO GOOD!) with intermittent biochemistry.  The next day was a lot of biochemisty, anatomy and chemistry.  I brought three textbooks to his apartment so there wasn’t any way I could just not use them.  The bag weighed at least 30 pounds!

I left around 2:30 to get ready for the SUPER BOWL!  Since I’m a resident assistant at school, we had to have a social for the residents.  We were selling hot dogs, chips, soda and soft pretzels.  The residents could order what they wanted and then we delivered them to their rooms.  This also acted as our charity event for the semester, so it was double the fun :).  I acted as the ketchup, mustard and relish squeezer.  I think I did a fine job if I may say so myself!


We finished up with plenty of time for all of us to go to our own respective Super Bowl parties.  I scarfed down Trader Joe’s Spring Onion Rice Noodle Soup Bowl.  It tasted just about as good as it looked.  Pretty bland, if you ask me!


I packed up three bags of leftover soft pretzels and I headed over to my old roommate’s house to watch the game and catch up with them.


  I haven’t seen any of them for a few months, so it was fun to be able to catch up on everything, while eating too many soft pretzels and crackers.  It was inevitable (but delicious)!  I didn’t watch much of the game, but the commercials looked awesome on this HUGE screen!  I was, however, rooting for the Ravens!  If they won, my biochemisty quiz on Tuesday will be open note.  Good thing they won!Image

I didn’t stay through the end of the game because Monday’s are busy days, but it was nice to catch up and do some relaxing this weekend!


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