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What I Ate Wednesday #1

Good evening, friends! I’m joining the WIAW bandwagon! A warning before I show any pictures: Breakfast, lunch, and all snacks were eaten while walking so the pics ain’t pretty!

You’ve been warned!

Breakfast was started with half of a banana and a smear of peanut butter. I literally eat the same thing for breakfast EVERY morning. It never gets old. The banana and peanut butter is my pre-workout snack and is perfect for holding me over for a couple of hours until my real breakfast makes an appearance.


After spinning and a quick shower, I put together the usual!Image

Quinoa + Barley + Steel Cut Oats+ Chia Seeds + Raisins + Weetbix + Shedded Oats + Banana+ Almond Milk.Image

I also had an itty-bitty clementine.  They’re so sweet!

I went to class thinking I felt awake and alert- no need for coffee!  WRONG!  After sleep threatening to take over multiple times during genetics, I made a dash for the coffee shop and got my fix with time to spare before anatomy.


Ahhh, much better!

I messed up my schedule for today and forgot that I was busy for four hours before lunch, so I quickly ran back to my room for a snack and literally ran while eating it. Hence why the background is clear and the bar is blurry. The photo was taken while walking!Image

Lunch was eaten in parts. I basically ate a little bit at a time- whenever I got a few minutes!

It started with two slices of whole grain bread and a few crackers while working at a table for my organization.


I then add the rest of my lentil soup (while waiting for the bus). This picture looks awful. I apologize!


At least the clementine looks appitizing!Image

Once I made it back to my room, I had Greek yogurt, banana, raisins and peanut butter. I used the yogurt container as a bowl, because less dishes = less to do! Sounds good to me!Image

After class, I headed to the dining hall for a late dinner. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. I couldn’t finish it all, but I got close! I got steamed spinach, scrambled eggs, brown rice, tomatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, squash, carrots, chick peas and olive oil & vinegar vinaigrette.Image

With a big bowl of fresh fruit. Watermelon, pineapple and orange!Image

Well, that’s all folks!  I’ll probably have a mug of cereal before bed so I don’t wake up hungry.  It happens!

Have a great night 🙂


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