Food / What I Ate Wednesday


Oh man, I literally have 8 minutes to bang out this post.  Ready? GO!

Obviously Wednesdays are back-to-back classes, meetings, and appointments, so my eating mirrors my life and it’s a little bit hectic and jumbled.  Here we go:


The morning started with half of a banana and almond butter, but I forgot to take a picture.  My stomach was GROWLING when I woke up, so I scarfed that down before heading to the gym!  It’s always the perfect fuel for spinning!

Once back, showered and dressed, I had an old favorite:Image

Oatmeal with banana and almond milk will never get old.

Snacks were enjoyed while walking to tutoring sessions- I have two of them in a row, so I had two snacks in a row-an apple and Chobani Pineapple Yogurt.Image


Dear Chobani,

Can you please develop flavored yogurts that are halfway between plain and sweetened?  I love the sweetened yogurts, but they’re way too sweet with the added fruit on the bottom.  I never mix the fruit in.  I just eat the lightly sweetened yogurt on the top.

Lunch was literally eaten while walking to a meeting, but it tasted great nonetheless!  Vegetable sushi from the grab-and-go refrigerators at school.  I don’t get sushi too often because we can’t pay for it with meals, but this variety is always my go-to!  Brown rice, avocado, carrot and cucumber.Image

I also had a side of carrots and celery.

I haven’t had dinner yet, but last night’s dinner was a large salad with scrambled eggs and a tofu scramble.  The whole bowl was yummy, but the carrot salad on top definitely stole the show!


Dinner will probably look pretty similar to that, and a good number of snacks are bound to make their way into the day.  Most likely cottage cheese with homemade apple sauce and almond butter.  It’s been my new thing the last few days, but then again, I have a “new thing” every week.

Nine minutes have gone by!  I was so close!

Happy eating, folks!

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