Food / What I Ate Wednesday


Hi Everyone!

It looks like Wednesday is almost over at this point, but I still want to be a part of Image

This is going to be short and sweet, so let’s get to it!  I have a biochemistry lecture that’s calling my name 😉


The day started with the usual- a half of a banana and almond butter.  The above picture isn’t a banana, you say?  We can all use our imagination here!  I ate that last night, but forgot to take a picture of the banana this morning.  Oops!

Breakfast today was less than picture worthy, so I figured I would show it from far away.  You know, to make it look more appetizing!  (Did it work?)


(I take most of my pictures on my bed because that’s where the sunlight is!)

I also had my usual coffee, but today I added Stevia to it because my nutrition professor handed it out in class.  It’s super sweet and kind of bitter.  I’m not a fan!  I prefer black coffee 🙂


One of two snacks: Chobani Strawberry 0% yogurt and I also had wheat crackers.Image

Lunch was scarfed down in 15 minutes, but it was tasty!  I made a big salad with SO many toppings, I lost track.Image

I promise, there is spinach hiding under there somewhere.

A few hours later, I ran off to work and ate a banana with the rest of my cashew butter.  I’m sad to see it all gone, but now I will just need to make more!


Who wins for most unattractive picture? I DO!

We were doing a product sampling at work (which I sampled…multiple times), but I also had an apple to hold me over until dinner.


I ate dinner approximately 6 minutes after I took the above photo.  I was going to wait until after my chemistry test, but we finished work early so I decided to eat and “study” a little more.


Another large salad with a wheat tortilla, chick peas, sunflower seeds and jalapenos.  When I was ordering, the guy who made it asked if I wanted jalapenos and I told him I would take a few.  Rookie mistake.  It’s all or none here!  There is no in between and those peppers almost destroyed my salad..and my taste buds.  Ouch!

In case you’re wondering, the chemistry test wasn’t too bad, but I felt crunched for time.  Eek.

I just had a small snack since my stomach started talking to me.Image

Sesame crackers with almond butter and craisins- should hold me over until morning.

Have a great night!


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