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What I Ate Wednesday #5

Wow, I have been completely MIA for the last week and a half.  Every day has turned into “I’m going to blog…tomorrow“.  Well, every tomorrow has turned into a today, and then the cycle repeats itself.  Well, here I am!

Instead of doing WIAW, I’m doing WIAOSB!  That is, What I Ate Over Spring Break! (So far…)



Sesame Ezekiel Toast with Avocado and a Fried Egg


A fried egg on the softest roll (ever), with fresh fruit and a few pieces or leftover turkey meatloaf


Oatmeal, Banana, Strawberries & Almond Milk-or some variation of this


Lunch has been a mish-mash of leftover food, from salads, to sandwiches, to pasta and soup.

Today I went to lunch with my dad at a local train-stop coffee shop called Elcie’s.  We both ordered half a sandwich and soup and everything was delicious!


ImageTheir food is locally sourced or made right there with fresh ingredients.  My dad and I split our sandwich halves and both were great, but I really loved the combination of pesto and grilled mushrooms in my sandwich.  You can never go wrong with that combination!  My dad and I discussed him quitting his job and I’ll quit school and we’ll open a train station coffee shop.  He may have been joking, but I wasn’t…


My mom texted me last week and asked if and when I would be home for break.  I said “I ain’t staying here” and asked why she was asking, to which she replied that she wanted to know when she should start cooking.  She has yet to let me down!


Actually, my dad made this and it was delicious!  Chicken thighs with olives and prunes- sounds weird, but all the flavors came together really well.  My dad was always the designated lunch-maker when my brother and I were growing up and he was always notorious for sneaking weird things into our food, like raisins or hot sauce on a peanut butter sandwich, so this dish was right up his alley 😉


Another yummy dinner made by both my mom and dad.  My dad made the beef and my mom made the cous cous and beautiful salad.  Team work!

My mom dabbles in various ethnic cuisines and has been on an Indian kick for over a year now.  Tonight she made Chicken and Vegetable Korma served over Basmati Rice and it was SO GOOD.  We all went back fro seconds…and thirds.  The “Korma” part is made with cashew cream, but my mom uses water instead of the cream to cut back on the fat and there was absolutely no difference.  It was incredibly rich and so filling.

This picture does not do this dinner justice!

This picture does not do the food justice!

Last night was an Olive Garden-esqe dinner!  Soup, Salad and Breadsticks


It wasn’t “All You Can Eat“, but it was plenty of food- simple and warm for a cold night.

Okay, it wasn’t that cold and today is the first day of spring, traditionally celebrated with a small cup of Rita’s Water Ice!  My friend (and old cross country teammate) Bethanne and I went for a jog and then decided to celebrate the end of the run with Rita’s.Image

Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of Rita’s and only had a couple of bites, but the guava flavor was nice and refreshing, perfect for a bitter and brisk spring day!

Our freezer is normally stocked with a plethora of farm-fresh ice cream, made by Halo Farms in New Jersey, but this week there hasn’t been any.  I guess that is both a blessing and a curse!  Instead, I have taken advantage of the fruit (although I prefer ice cream).IMG_0220[1]

For your enjoyment- Here is a slide show of me trying to rescue a bird that Misu, my vicious cat, attacked.  He put a hole in the poor birds head and I was trying to pick him up from our deck and move him to the ground, away from Misu.  Christine would be ashamed of my bird catching skills!


Tip-toeing up to the birdie…


Getting there…


“Do I Really Have to Do This?!”


Come here little birdie…


Get me the heck out of here!



Thanks for stopping by!


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