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Make Sure You Are Keeping Your Core Temperature Up!

Don’t be fooled, that title might make this look like this is going to be a post about something fitness related, when it’s actually going to be a recap of an awesome weekend.  I love looking back and reading my old posts, just to see what I was up to a few weeks ago, so I definitely want to write about last weekend.

Get ready for a lot of nature pictures.  I love taking pictures of people and things (and food), but I always find myself pulling out my camera when there is pretty scenery, so here we go!

I basically consider the weekend to be Thursday- Sunday since I always feel so much more relaxed once classes are over on Thursday.  I take my time walking home from class while I talk to my dad on the phone.  He has learned to expect a call at 10:45 every Tuesday and Thursday!

Of course, I couldn’t help myself and stopped to take pictures…ImageImage

The rest of Thursday was spent working on homework since I had a feeling there wouldn’t be much of that this weekend (I was right).  Thursday night, I went out with my two wing men (haha) and it was fun, despite my blistered, achy feet.  Why do I wear heels?!  True to form, the best nights always seem to go without pictures.  We actually do have pictures, but they’re dark and blurry….and unattractive.

I had grand plans to get a lot of homework done on Friday afternoon before leaving for a retreat, but those plans went out the window when we decided to watch Juno and “do homework while we watch”.  Yeah, right.

As I just mentioned, Friday night into Saturday was spent at a Shabbaton with Hillel.  It was basically a weekend away with Jewish students from my school and two other local schools.  We had a service Friday, followed by dinner and then most of us went to the art room.  My artistic ability was in full force, if I may say so!

ImageI passed out pretty early on Friday night and then got up early on Saturday for breakfast before doing some yoga and meditation.  It was relaxing, but I don’t think I will ever be a yoga person, as much as I would like to!  After all of that, we had lunch and then I decided to go do my own thing and read (!) a book while I let lunch digest before heading out on a fifty minute run on their hiking trail.  This retreat center is, as they put it, ” a place for contemplation”, so it’s kind of in the woods and has really pretty scenery with flowers and ponds and streams, and CHICKENS!  It felt really good to get out and run, especially since I had been feeling sluggish all day.  I ran without any music so that I could just be alone on the trail and listen to everything around me.  Completely different than blasting Lil Wayne into my ears…

After a quick shower, the group headed out for a nature walk on the trail that I had been running on, so I grabbed my phone to take pictures of the scenery.  We were supposed to try to stay “unplugged” for the duration of the retreat, but I wanted to take these pictures, so enjoy them 🙂


It was great to just take time to relax, read, run, and eat incredible food (seriously, I think the food was my favorite thing there).  Once I got back Saturday night, I hung out with my friends for a bit before going to get Russ.  Look what he showed up with!  He bought them for our two years- so thoughtful 🙂


ImageSunday started with a trip to the gym and then breakfast with Christine, followed by homework (me) and watching TV (Russy) until my parents showed up and we all went to grab dinner in town.  West Chester has a great town with little shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants.

My mom wanted a chicken-cheese steak, so we went to Ryan’s and sat outside.  I told Russ to smile, and this is what I got:ImageImage

We talked for awhile and my dad bought me my birthday beer!  Ignore the fact that my birthday was 7 months ago…Thanks, Dad!Image

I ordered a mushroom sandwich with a side of fries and thought it was awesome!  I ate half and then gave half to Russ because it was so big!  We all really liked our food, especially the fries.  They were extra crispy..just the way I like them.Image

After everyone left, my two wing-men and I planned to go out on a rooftop bar that they have in West Chester, but we were having a good time, so we stayed out for quite awhile.  I laughed at everything and anything the entire night and have since decided that Sundays are Sunday Funday 🙂

ImageOh, and we learned that one MUST keep their core temperature up.  Don’t forget that.

I have been playing catch-up since Sunday night, but it’s completely worth it.  I’m having the best time of my life.


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