April Goals Reviewed and May Goals

Hi Everyone!

Time goes by faster and faster, and once again I’m looking at the calendar and wondering where the month went!  Wasn’t it just March?  Wasn’t it just my mom’s birthday?  Didn’t the semester just start?  I guess I’m just having so much fun that time is flying! 😉

April Goals

1. Drink at least 60 ounces of water per day

Check!  (I think)  I have been making a huge effort to drink a lot of water and I think I have been succeeding.  I actually just finished 26 ounces of water before writing this.  The way I feel is like night and day, so I need to remember to keep drinking! (water, that is.)

2. Two A’s on (at least) two exams

Check!  A’s on chemistry, anatomy and biochemistry.  This semester has felt like one long ride on the struggle bus as far as classes go, but I need to acknowledge the accomplishments, and not just the minor downfalls.

3.  Go out two times

I don’t think this needs any explanation…Image4. Run a total of thirty miles over the course of the month.

CHECK!  This one is definitely the most exciting for me because not only did I REACH 30 miles, but I surpassed it by a lot!  I ran a total of 66.5 miles this month!  In all honesty, when I wrote this goal last month, I was actually concerned I wouldn’t be able to run 30 miles.  Not that I can’t physically do it, but I didn’t realize that I run as much as I do.  It also helps that I have been running five days per week, some days more than others.  I’m going to start keeping track of how much I run from now on.  I wish I could calculate all the running that I have done over the course of my lifetime.  Wow, it has to be over 1000 miles!  That’s insane.

May Goals

1.  Volunteer 20 hours

I recently applied to volunteer with EMS in my hometown and I will be doing my first “ride along”, as well as three more over the course of this month!  I’m so excited to do this and be able to help people (kind of…I’ll be in training for a while).  I also plan to get back into volunteering at the Jewish Relief Agency each month with my dad, Leland (my brother) and Russ.  We were consistently volunteering each month last semester, but it seems like life got in the way this semester, so hopefully this summer will be a turning point!

2. Finish the semester with A’s on 4/5 finals. 

I only say 4/5 because realistically, genetics is going to kick my butt.  That doesn’t mean I won’t give it everything I’ve got, but I need to be honest with myself 🙂

3. See my friends even after school ends.

I have this huge, irrational fear that the friends I’ve made this summer won’t be a part of my life once we leave school.  It makes me unbelievably sad to think about that, so we can’t (and won’t) let that happen!

4.  Run 70 miles over the course of the month.

Even though I was so close to 70 miles in April, seeing 70 on here seems like an incredibly high number, but this will be a fun goal and I know it’s doable, especially with the Broad Street Run this weekend!

5.  Spend more time with my brother.

My brother and I have always been pretty close (besides the times when I was coercing him into doing bad things or pulling his hair…but that’s in the past 🙂 ).  Now that I’m at school and he’s at home, we talk occasionally, but not as often as we should and as often as I would like.  We will both be home this summer, so I hope we can hang out a bit.


Have a great Tuesday!


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