Rain, Rain, Go Away & Happenings

Happy Friday, Everyone!

This rain is kind of putting a damper (ha ha) on the start to the weekend, but it’ll clear up in no time!

ImageIt’s actually pouring, despite how that photo looks!


I drove to Quakertown yesterday afternoon and spent the day with Christine and John!  Our plans fell through Tuesday and then Wednesday, but three times a charm, right?  We all start jobs, etc. next week, so we wanted to get together one more time, so we did just that!

We went to the lake…

ImageImageDrove past a bunch of farms and farm land…so different from here!

ImageOnce we got hungry, we talked about getting lunch and I told them to take me to one of their favorite spots in Quakertown.  We ended up at The Perk, a cute little restaurant that had all the classics, but homemade and awesome.

ImageI ordered the Pub Battered Cod, which was beer-battered cod, with lettuce on a brioche roll and a side of house-made potato chips.  That sandwich was seriously awesome and I left full and happy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing the perfect rainy day activity- watching a movie.  My drive home was a bit of a (scary) adventure!  My windshield-wipers randomly stopped working while I was on the highway, so I had to wait for traffic to get out and manually push them to make them work again.  No bueno.

I passed out pretty early last night since I got up at six today to hit the gym.  It was pouring rain, but I somehow convinced myself to get up and go without pressing snooze even one time.  Maybe it also had to do with Misu meowing and meowing for me to feed him.

When I got to the gym, I really wasn’t feeling it and I was right yesterday- I am SO sore from yesterday’s workout, so I focused on cardio today and gave the weights a rest.

I completed:

  • 15 minutes on the elliptical
  • 10 minutes of running
  • 15 minutes of intervals (speed 9.1-9.7 for 40 seconds and speed 6.0 for 20 seconds).
  • 6 minutes of abs

Intervals make my workout fly by!  I wasn’t planning on doing them today, but I also really didn’t feel like just running because each second just ticks by, so I decided to do intervals and holy moly, it was over so quickly.

I showered and then quickly ate breakfast and gulped down some caffeine.


Old picture, but it was similar

I was out and about by 7:20, but ended up doing a lot of watching TV and internet surfing.  I don’t mind hanging out on a rainy day like today, but now my poor brain is melting and my eyes hurt from staring at my phone.  Time to get a laptop!  Side point- I’m actually thinking about getting the New Samsung Chromebook, but I want to see if it gets any sort of real reviews before I do it.  My computer crashed on me last year and I’ve been heavily depending on my iPhone and random other computers ever since.  I think it’s time I get a new one.

Lunch today was Tupperware salad, filled with lots of goodies from the fridge:


Leftover Kale & Quinoa & Apricot salad, tomatoes, mushrooms, spring mix, almonds, with a slice of bread on the side

One of the people I was with today asked if I wanted to ride with him while he went to pick up lunch (at a falafel joint) and before he told me where he was going, he started to explaining to me why he wanted to go get vegetarian food, but before he explained everything, I stopped him and told him that I’m a nutrition major, so I understand and I’m on his side ;).  This is a whole other issue I would like to write about soon, but I really don’t like that people feel the need to explain their food choices, especially when they’re healthy choices.  I feel the need to explain myself all the time when people comment on what I’m eating (often in a rude manner) and it frustrates me so much.  I’m done rambling, for now 😉

That salad (and a few snacks) only held me over for so long, so I had a little snack when I got home:


TJ’s Rustic Bread with PB and strawberries, cottage cheese with hemp seeds and chia seeds for crunchiness

Sometimes I love cottage cheese and other times (like today), it makes my stomach churn.  I guess it just depends on how I’m feeling!  That bread with PB and strawberry combo, however, is my absolute favorite.

Since I’m all TVed out, I think I’m going to try to organize some of my room.  I still haven’t really unpacked from school so I need to get on that.  Three weeks is getting to the point of being unacceptable…

I’m planning to go to a Rock n’ Roll Shabbat service with [part of] my family tonight.  Should be interesting!  Oh!  and I finally get to see Russ tomorrow and I’m so excited!


Hopefully he wears his new mink vest

Have a great night and awesome weekend!


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