Homemade [Grilled] Pizza 2.0

Whenever my mom puts me on “dinner duty”, one of my go-to dinners is homemade pizza.  It takes a little while to make, but it’s so worth it!  ImageLike usual, we used Trader Joe’s crust.  One white, one wheat.  My mom made tomato sauce while I started reading this:

ImageI’ve only gotten through chapter one, but I really like it so far!  It’s motivating!  I went on a cleaning rampage this morning and bagged up a ton of things to sell or give away, thanks to this book.

Okay, getting off topic.  Once the sauce was done, my brother and I finished up the rest.  I am dough-rolling challenged and can never roll the dough into a big circle, so that was Leland’s job.  I have no clue how he does it!

While he did that, I cut peppers, onions and mushrooms and sauteed them in a little bit of olive oil.ImageImageOh yeah, we make our pizza on the grill in the summer to avoid heating up the house.  Actually, we make just about everything on the grill in the summer, even desserts!  My mom gets creative.

The problem with making pizza at home is that it never gets as crispy as it does when we buy it, so we have learned to let the dough “bake” for about ten minutes on the grill before we add the sauce and toppings.  That way, the dough is already a little bit crispy.

Then the sauce is added…ImageThen mozzarella cheese and the vegetables.  My mom claimed to only like plain pizza, so I made both pizzas with half cheese & vegetables and half just cheese so that everyone could try both.  Turns out that she does like vegetable pizza 😉

An extra fifteen minutes later and the pizza was done!  Image

ImageAnd an added bonus!  The bottom was crispy!! The trick is to slide the pizza off the pan and let it grill directly over the heat for a minute or two.  My dad did that part.ImageWe ate this one while the wheat one was on the grill.  Our grill is only big enough to hold one pizza pan…and we only have one pizza pan, but by the time we finished this, the wheat one was ready.

ImageImageI think we all agreed that the white one was better!  The wheat one just doesn’t get as crispy and is really, REALLY dense.  That didn’t stop us from finishing both of them except for a few slices.

My dad and I shopped at the local Korean market earlier in the day and we all shared one of these monsters for dessert:

ImageOn that note, I’m off to eat some lunch!  I’m so hungry.

Later gators 😉


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