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Five Things Friday!

Hi! Quick post about nothing in particular 🙂

1.  Food has been extra summery these last few days.


Chobani Greek yogurt, bran flakes, chia seeds and blueberries


ImageImageImageImageImageFresh fruit, veggies and basil make summer delicious 🙂

2.  Russy discovered Code Academy that teaches web coding.  It’s really helpful and I plan to spend some time on there learning new tricks to help build up this little blog of mine.Image

3.  Speaking of coding and my blog, if you haven’t noticed, I got a little Botox!  Actually, my blog got botox!  I have a new “About Me” sidebar image, thanks to Jenny over at PB and Jenny!  She does some really great blog design work and I love having a that sidebar.  Finally!

4.  I start work tomorrow.  Commence tanning and reading every day!  I’m excited to have something to do everyday 🙂  That might get old pretty quickly, though.

5.  The best way to use every. last. bit. of peanut butter:


Make oatmeal, then put the hot oatmeal into the peanut butter jar so it makes the peanut butter all melty.  Mmmm perfect.

I ate this earlier today after sleeping for twelve hours.  It’s time to get my life together!

Okay, this post was random, but a great way to unload a bunch of pictures.

Have a great weekend!


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