Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Dear Dad,

Please click this and anywhere you see “mom”, just replace it with “dad”.



ImageJust kidding 😉

Actually, I’m not really kidding.  Everything I said to mom applies to you, the other mommy, as well.

Just a few additions:

  • Thanks for teaching me so many things “for my toolbox”- how to check the oil in the car, how to use a knife properly (and which knife to use), how to drive (backwards before forwards)- to name a few.  This list could literally go on forever.
  • Thanks for being a part of so many of the activities of my childhood (and encouraging me to do them), namely Indian Princesses and 4-H (“you get to play with little farm animals!”).Image
  • Thanks for not being afraid to let Leland and me do seemingly dangerous things (sitting on the refrigerator) and for scaring us (pushing us as hard as you could on the swings and then telling us that you were going to push us over the top).  I think it made us tougher and has left me with funny and fond memories.  Oh, and it gives me something to discuss with my many therapists.ImageImage
  • Thanks for always supporting me in my endeavors, intelligent (Sunday morning brunch) or otherwise (skateboarding).  Oh, and thanks for breaking my fall.  Sorry you did it with your face…
  • Thank you for humoring me with all of my nutrition tips and tricks and for being my “dietician guinea pig”.  Also, thank you for continuing to join me at the gym multiple times per week.  Not only do I sleep better knowing that you’re doing something healthy that can help ensure I keep you around for awhile, but I also truly enjoy our mornings there and then breakfast afterward.
  • Thank you for being here (and also, there).  As in, thank you for being a good ear when I need to talk, or for taking time from your day to chit-chat about nothing in particular when I’m walking home from class.  Thanks for taking time from your day at work to go get lunch with me, go to Pro-Jo’s or Trader Joe’s.  Thanks for sending me chain mail.  They brighten my day!
  • Thanks for being at home after school to make grilled cheese and Campbell’s Tomato Soup (with added milk), or Spaghettio’s.

I really could go on, and on, and on.  These are just a few examples, but just know that each and every thing you do means a lot to me, and the rest of the gang.  Whenever, literally whenever, I have a question, an issue, anything, you are the first person I call, and always will be.  You are a never-ending bank of knowledge (both practical and random), wisdom, and advice.  Car is going “click, click, click or clunk, clunk, clunk”?  Call dad.  We need something bought?  Call dad.  Something in the house isn’t working?  Call dad.  Want to do something (flea market, events, etc.)?  Call dad.  Can’t decide what to do?  Call dad.  Having a crappy day?  Call dad.  Again, on and on the list could go.  So, thank you, Dad.  You da best.

ImageLove always,


P.s.  Mom, anywhere it says “dad”, just fill in “mom” for all appropriate locations.

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