What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday #11

Hi, friends 🙂

I’m giving this whole blogging from my phone a second try. I re-downloaded the WordPress app so hopefully this will work! I’m actually at the pool right now, but it started to storm so we are on an extended break…

Anyway, back to all the yummy things I’ve been eating.

[Thank you to Jenn for hosting!]

We were just about out of oatmeal and eggs are a whole lot more work than I felt like putting in, so I made this big bowl of odds and ends. After the gym, I usually want something cold and fast so this did the trick. It had Chobani yogurt, cottage cheese, blueberries, apricots, oatmeal, chia seeds, banana slices, pineapple and almond coconut milk, which I added after the photo was taken. It’s not my beloved oatmeal, but it did the trick. My brother eats Greek yogurt for breakfast every morning… It’s just not my thing in the morning.

That was yesterday’s breakfast. Today’s required a little bit more work, but my stomach wasn’t out of control since I opted to go to the gym in the afternoon.20130625-170719.jpg
Scrambled eggs with sautéed onion and Greek yogurt cheese (it doesn’t taste any different than regular cheese and I don’t think it’s any better or worse for you). I also had a piece of raisin bread with cherry jam, leftover grilled zucchini and a lot of mango. I could eat mango forever.

Breakfast held me over through the afternoon. I spent the day running errands and I finally had the chance to go to a camera shop and get some information on DLSR cameras. I’m looking for a good camera because its time that these iPhone photos go away.
After my errands, I stopped at the gym for a quick workout and despite the unrelenting heat, I felt good!

When I got back, I quickly put together lunch, while simultaneously eating a pre-lunch (raisin bread with almond butter).


I don’t actually have any pictures of today’s lunch since I inhaled it, but here is a bit of what lunch has been this week:20130625-171220.jpg

Always a salad with lots a toppings.  The photo right above this was really good-lettuce, fresh beets, apricot, blueberries and Bulgarian sheep’s milk feta cheese.  Salty and sweet!  Today I had to scrounge for food in our empty fridge. I ended up having a leftover turkey burger, a pickle, a blintze, apricot, an apple and one of the mini granola bars I keep stashed in my locker.IMG_2798[1]Oh, and some people get healthcare or vacation time as benefits at their job… My benefits include ice cream and free tanning 😉20130625-171606.jpg
The ice cream man offered free ice cream to all of the lifeguards, which was really nice of him! I got a coconut Popsicle and it was awesome. I’m a sucker for anything coconut.

I’m not quite sure what dinner will be, but last night was the perfect summer feast:20130625-171832.jpg
A turkey burger, with grilled corn and zucchini and a fresh pickle. Grilled corn is my favorite summer vegetable!

After dinner, I went over to my best friend Maeghan’s house and we had an old favorite!  (I think there should be a comma or two somewhere in that sentence and for the life of me, I can’t figure it out.)20130625-172015.jpg
S’mores! X2
I forgot how simple and perfect s’mores are for a quick dessert! Mmmm.  We cheated and made these over the stove, since there were too many mosquitos to comfortably be outside.  Even the stove browned the marshmallow perfectly.

And I got to feed her adorable kitten! He’s so so so cute.  I seriously considered taking him home.20130625-172146.jpg
My heart melted.

Well, that’s all I have for you! It’s starting to drizzle as I finish this so I don’t think the pool is opening anytime soon. Oh well!

Edited to add: Dinner ended up being Thai stir-fry over coconut-flavored rice and sautéed tofu.  My mom added coconut oil to the rice (per my suggestion) and it was awesome!  Definitely takes the dish to a whole new level.IMG_2803[1]

Enjoy your day and happy eating!

Question:  Any recommendations for a good camera?  I’m looking for something reliable, easy to use, but takes nice photos.


9 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #11

  1. Oh yum those smores look good!
    I love grilled corn as well..so sweet & satisfying!
    Also how cute is the kitten!!! Awww

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