In My World

Happy Friday!!!

Despite working six days a week and not having off on either weekend day, I still love Fridays and the weekend. I’m happier, people are nicer and fun things always happen on the weekend! Actually, this past week has been a good one- obvious by the fact that it has flown by! I worked eleven days in a row, which was brutal, but being at he pool makes time fly.  Even though I’m always aware of what the time is, the fifteen minutes on and off makes each hour quickly turn into the next.  Until 6:00, that is.

So here’s what’s been happening in my world:
I went out to eat twice this week. That’s more often than I usually do in a month! I had dinner on Wednesday night with my friends Maeghan, Noel, and Enaja. It was an impromptu decision after a little pottery painting idea didn’t work out and the sky was about to open up. We ate at The Keswick Tavern- my first time there.

20130628-154949.jpgI ordered some sort of pesto chicken sandwich with basil aioli and French fries. The sandwich was awesome (especially because I was starving). I didn’t snap any pictures of the people that I ate with. For some reason, I feel weirder taking pictures of people than of my food. Talk about odd thinking. It was really fun to catch up with my friends. I’m always completely wiped after spending eight hours in the sun, so I usually rather to lie on the couch and fall asleep than go out. #boring

Thursday morning, I was up bright an early (5:00 am!-brutal) to babysit in West Chester. After babysitting through the morning, I met my [college] friends for lunch in West Chester! We went to Ryan’s Pub and again, I ordered a sandwich. Often times, when I’m eating in a restaurant, I cant decide what to order. For example, yesterday I really wanted to order a salad for the sole reason that it was one of the few things that appealed to me on such a hot, muggy day. But then I start thinking, “do I really want to shell out $9 on something so simple that I can make at home? Shouldn’t I get something that I don’t usually eat at home?”. Seriously, I go through this every time. It’s not always a salad, though. It’s just something that sounds really appealing, but it’s simple enough to make at home. After much debate and asking for everyone’s opinion (I always do this), I decided on a turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich with chips.20130628-155532.jpg
I was so close to getting a hot sandwich, but ninety degree muggy weather isn’t the time for hot food. We actually ended up playing musical chairs through lunch; we started inside with the air conditioner, then we were cold and moved outside to the deck, then we were really sweaty and moved inside again. I’m sure we made out waitress happy with that. Again, lunch was a lot of fun and again, I didn’t take any pictures of my friends, Shannon and Daria. Oops.

Oh wait, dinner last night was “out”, as well. Russ wanted to be romantic… So we went to the Temple University dining hall. What a keeper! It was actually fun to eat together on campus, something that I always envy in people who attend the same school. I got a big salad with a baked sweet potato and a small piece of lasagna… Followed by a lot of ice cream.20130628-164539.jpg
Needless to say, I’m ready for some homemade food again. I love eating out for the experience and the social aspect, but I totally love the food at home a billion times more.

After our hot date, the sky opened and it poured like its been doing every day this week.20130628-165142.jpgRuss and I had the cute wet-dog look going on.20130628-165257.jpg[Russ had a mishap with the hair clippers…]

In other news, I’m on the hunt for a DSLR camera. I found a couple possibilities and then today I stumbled upon a NEW (in box) Canon Rebel t3i for $500 less than the regular price. Too good to be true? Sounds that way. I have one in mind that I plan to go see soon, but other than that, I’m going to keep looking. Speaking of cameras, after this post, I won’t be posting photos of my food that aren’t visually appealing, which means there may be less photos, but it also means ill work harder to plate the food in an appealing way and find good lighting. The ugly pictures make me cringe, so I’m sure you have a similar reaction.

Despite the yucky weather, beautiful flowers are everywhere! Even while out on runs, I stop to snap photos.20130628-170454.jpg

No wonder I’ve been running 10:30 miles. Or maybe it’s just SO HOT and I feel like a slug.20130628-171851.jpgHave a great weekend!
Question: When in restaurants, do you choose dishes that you “could make at home” or seem simple? Or, do you choose things you don’t usually eat?


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