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Swim Meet

Good morning!

I hope your Saturday is off to a good start! My day started bright and early at 6:00 am so that I could get to work at 7:00 for a 13 hour shift! The pool is having a swim meet today so we are all here extra early.

20130629-105943.jpgSome of the guards are swimming in the meet, but I would embarrass myself if I did, so I’m just cheering. šŸ™‚20130629-151347.jpgBreakfast

Since I knew today would be long, I made a filling breakfast to help power me through the first few hours of my shift.20130629-110321.jpg20130629-114806.jpg The bowl had oat bran, made with water and cooked for a minute in the microwave. It literally turns to sticky paste, but with extra almond milk it’s really good. I topped it with blueberries, strawberry and apricot. After the photos, I added a scoop of peanut butter and strawberry jam for sweetness. Also a HUGE mug of espresso and almond milk to keep me going.
Since I’ll be here for the majority of the day, I also brought an arsenal of food. I’m usually exceptionally hungry during my seven hour shifts, so I came prepared.

Snacks and Mini Meals20130629-111030.jpgCherry Chobani Greek yogurt with honey nut Cheerios and a few pumpernickel pretzels. Weird combination, but it works!20130629-150759.jpg20130629-150815.jpgGreek salad in a cup: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sheep’s milk feta cheese, olives and bulgur wheat salad. Thank you, mom šŸ˜‰20130629-150829.jpg20130629-154228.jpgA flat-out wrap with a The Laughing Cow cheese wedge, sliced tomato, fresh basil, salt & pepper.
I’m watching a lot of working out happening, but I won’t be doing my own until later. I’m planning a 45 minute swim and then biking 4 miles home. Great workouts to do in this awesome weather!20130629-151245.jpgEnjoy your weekend šŸ™‚
P.s between my breaks and being on stand, this post has officially taken me nine hours to write. Is that a record?


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