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John Mayer Concert!

Last night, my brother and I were lucky enough to go to a PRIVATE John Mayer final dress rehearsal! Our neighbor thoughtfully offered us a couple of tickets for his show, which was only open to 1,200 people. Leland and I literally jumped at the opportunity to go to the concert!20130703-070401.jpgIt was strange to be at a concert where the people were relaxed, there was a lot of room to walk around, and we were within feet of such a huge name.20130703-070615.jpgI’ll be honest, I only knew John Mayer’s popular songs before yesterday, but the entire lineup was incredible. He alternated between new and old music, but we had fun dancing and (trying) to sing along to all of the songs. It was also really great to spend some time with Leland. He enjoyed himself, as well!20130703-070835.jpgI am so grateful for the awesome opportunity that we got and would love to go to more of his shows in the future! The show only lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes, which was perfect. I usually think concerts are TOO long and I lose interest after an hour and a half, so this was great.20130703-071032.jpg20130703-071045.jpg20130703-071056.jpg20130703-071103.jpgI’m actually hoping to see John Mayer again at the Wawa Welcome America show tomorrow at Penn’s Landing! It’s going to be a huge show and would be a lot of fun to be there. I just need to find a sub for work! After the concert, we were quite hungry, so we stopped at 7-11 to refuel.20130703-071528.jpgJust kidding ;). We had spaghetti and then I promptly hit the hay. Bright and early wake up at 5:00 am to do a ride-along at the local EMS station.
A HUGE thank you to my neighbor for generously offering the tickets to us. We had an incredible time!

See ya later!20130703-071713.jpg

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