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4th of July Festivities

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Do your Friday dance, sing a song, do whatever it is that you do.

Yesterday, July 4th, felt like such an incredibly long day, but that’s because I did so much! (or at least it felt that way).

The day started around nine when I meandered over to the gym with a four mile run, followed by a series of triceps exercises.  We only spent an hour at the gym, but it was fast and effective!  As usual, I was ready for breakfast when I got home and had the usual:ImageThe rest of the morning was spent baking cookies!  I baked both traditional chocolate-chip cookies for my neighbor (to thank him for generously offering the tickets to us) and I also baked another Deep Dish Cookie Pie for a BBQ that I had plans to go to after work.

I spent a few hours working in the unrelenting heat and then it was celebrating time!

I started my night at Maeghan’s house where her family was BBQing all the typical 4th dishes.  I had some pasta salad and fruit salad (and cookie pie) and soaked up as much time with my friends before heading downtown to Russ’s apartment to spend the rest of the night with him and his roommates.ImageImageImageWe decided to do one of those “do it once and never do it again” things and headed down to the Parkway for the Wawa Welcome America Concert.  It was completely INSANE with people.

Reportedly, there were 600,000 people there.  We walked up to about a quarter of a mile of the stage and then called it quits and decided to head home.  Hey, I guess it’s like going to Times Square for New Years– do it once and then never do it again.ImageWe walked back to the subway and planned to watch the fireworks from Russ’ place.

ImageI watched the fireworks and then headed home and passed out immediately.  Now I’m up before everyone else, eating a yummy breakfast and typing this up.ImageImageSo overall, it was a successful and fun day, but note to self: BBQing and celebrating near home with friends always beats all the commotion.  Until next year!ImageI hope you enjoyed your day, as well!

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