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Monkey Bread and Fresh Scones

Remember monkey bread? Before yesterday, I had only had monkey bread once and that was in 5th grade when we made it in cooking class out of Pillsbury dough. I had actually forgotten about monkey bread until last week, when my dad and I came across a recipe for it in an Auntie Anne’s pretzel baking pack. We bought the pack right before Father’s Day with plans to bake the pretzels together on or around Father’s Day. Well, a few weeks later we finally found time (and energy) to do it, but then saw the monkey bread recipe and decided to use the mix for Sunday Brunch! It turned out great, but it wasn’t the only star at Sunday Brunch. This week’s menu was especially yummy and a bit more labor intensive than usual- but totally worth it!20130707-181856.jpgMenu
Homemade Cranberry-Ginger Scones20130707-182002.jpg20130707-182024.jpgIMG_3491[1]IMG_3489[1]The scones were flaky, buttery and fluffy. I made each scone half the size the recipe called for, so there were plenty!  They’ll be great for breakfasts for the next few mornings- toasted with a little butter.

Fresh Fruit Salad20130707-182229.jpg20130707-182248.jpgIMG_3516[1]That fruit salad had so many different types of fruit! Banana, cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries, fresh figs, apricots, peaches and fresh raspberries that my mom picked on her morning walk! I’m going to go down the trail tonight and try to get more.  My dad used to take my brother and me raspberry picking when we were younger.  I don’t remember ever actually getting home with any raspberries…not even once.  We always ate them all!

Monkey Bread
Russ and I made the monkey bread together (although my dad and I made the dough together).  We had a little assembly line of Russ rolling the dough while I dipped them in butter and then cinnamon-sugar.IMG_3499[1]IMG_3506[1]That shirt is perfect for me.  My dad bought it for me a few years ago and it still holds true!20130707-182441.jpgThis monkey bread was so, so good and completely addicting. Each dough knot was crispy on the outside with cinnamon-sugar and fluffy, doughy and soft on the inside. It was really easy to keep popping the pieces- obvious by the face that it’s already gone.

Scrambled Eggs with Lemon Thyme20130707-182655.jpgSounds strange, but they were awesome. My dad made the eggs and got creative with a bunch of condiments and herbs. My dad has a reputation for sneaking strange things into our food. (Fun fact: my dad once put cayenne pepper and raisins on a peanut butter sandwich for us in either elementary or middle school).  We used to complain, but I think he’s the reason I’m willing to try weird combinations these days and I love experimenting with different flavors!20130707-182906.jpg20130707-182924.jpgThanks, dad 🙂

I enjoyed a big plate with a little of everything, but you better bet that I went back for seconds on that monkey bread!  (and thirds and fourths)  I was full all day from all the food!IMG_3597[1]IMG_3534[1]

As always, brunch was a lot of fun and one of the highlights of my week.  Of course, we were in good company!IMG_3616[1]I think we’re planning to have crepes next Sunday, but I also want to try making a bunch of different granolas and then have a “granola bar”- a.k.a different types of granola with different milks.  We’ll see!


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