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Picture Perfect

Good morning!

Guess what I got?!?!meYep!  My lens came so now my new camera is up and ready for business!  I almost accidentally hit my brother in the face with the lens box when I saw that it was in the door–I was SO excited.  I spent a few hours trying out the various features and taking pictures of flowers, the doggy and kitty.TobyMisu  I’m so excited to finally be able to get creative with my photos!  Now I just need to learn how to use the thing 😉  I plan to still use my iPhone for snapping pictures on-the-go, but I’m going to use the dSLR at home when I have some time to play around with the lighting/composition.  (<— that’s me, attempting to sound like I know what I’m talking about.  I don’t.)


Today’s workout started bright and early!  I was up at six am since I had an early morning doctor’s appointment for a physical to clear me to volunteer with EMS.  I passed ;).  Before this morning, I hadn’t been up at six am for a workout since school!  It was rough, but not too bad once I brushed my teeth and drank some water…at least that’s what I tried to tell myself!  See, I HAVE to go to the gym first thing in the morning, because with each hour that passes, I think of increasingly good reasons not to go and the probability that I make it there dwindles fast.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love working out, but as the day passes, I start to push it off and then I regret it later.

Since I was crunched for time, I decided to focus on weight training and save my cardio for a little later, when I bike to the pool and home.  Since I don’t like to start any workout cold, I ran an easy ten minutes on the elliptical while listening to the Danza Kuduro remix with Akon.  I am obsessed with the song and listened to it three times on repeat.  It’s just so good and puts a little pep in my step!

After I was all warmed up, I did a series of triceps exercises with 25 seconds of jumping jacks in between each set to keep my heart rate up.  Short workout, but it left me nice and sweaty, which is always a good thing!


Sweaty and ready for breakfast, I quickly hopped in the shower before fixing myself the old stand-by: oatmeal topped with fruit.  Today it was sliced apricot and fig with blueberries, topped off with almond-coconut milk and a spoonful or peanut butter.  oatmeal twooatmealQuestion:  What is something that only weird, slightly insane people do?!?!

Answer:  Take pictures of their breakfast on the sidewalk outside of their house!

I was chasing the sunlight!  I hope no one saw me because even I will admit that it’s really weird…

I had a huge thermos of espresso and more almond-coconut milk on the way to my appointment and now I’m paying for it!  I’m a little bit shaky from all the caffeine!  Phew, I think I need to cut back.

I’m off to get a few chores done before heading off to work later this afternoon!  flowerHave a great day!

Question:  What do you enjoy photographing?

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