What I Ate Wednesday

WIAW #13

Hey there!

It’s Wednesday, so here’s a little peak into what I eat over the course of a whole I day! I usually show breakfast and/or lunch, but the whole day is rare, so lets get to it!

[Thank you to Jenn for hosting!]


Eggs with egg white, sauteed onions and butternut squash, cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, toast, apricot & blueberries, avocado.

What in the world will I do when I’m back at school living out of a mini fridge and boxes of cereal?!


Everything is easy to grab and easy to eat random bites when I have a minute during my breaks at work! After taking these photos, I dumped everything into plastic containers to take to work 🙂

You’ve been warned: I am addicted to my camera and you are about to be photo-bombed. Ready. Set. GO!146144138151163169In the mix: Spinach, quinoa and wheatberry, butternut squash, blueberries. cucumber176Pasta with a red pepper Parmesan sauce

Snacks 2.0
More snacking! I love me some fruit and granola bars! [edited to add: I had two soft pretzels too. So addicting!]189193I usually have a Nature Valley granola bar during the afternoon or a mini Mojo Bar. I need a little pick-me-up around 6:00 since I don’t get off until 8:00.

I don’t have much control over dinner since my mom cooks while I’m at work. I love coming home to dinner on the table and I’m so grateful to have a mom that does this after a long day at work. She’s Super Woman.

I didn’t take a photo, but we had grilled salmon, quinoa, peas, salad and fresh pita. I inhaled it to fast to take a picture 😉

Out of nowhere, I got the urge to make my own Popsicles! My mom clipped a bunch of Popsicle recipes from the New York Times Magazine a few months ago and I finally put it to use! One of the featured recipes is Peach–Ginger, but the peaches were too pretty and juicy to use for this, so I used one peach, a half pint or blueberries and ginger. They’re a little bit too icy for my taste, but good nonetheless. I also had a couple graham crackers and a piece of a frozen Twix bar.209207As soon as these are eaten, I plan to make coconut-pineapple, cucumber-mint, and mojito. Mmmmm I can’t wait!

Okay, so most of the food shown is from yesterday. This is what I’m actually taking today, since I’ll be at work from 1-10.030

From top to bottom: Salmon from last night’s dinner, a hard-boiled egg, a cheese stick, tuna (made with avocado, olive oil mayo, salt & pepper, cucumber, celery and onion), a mix of quinoa, wheat berry, butternut squash, carrots, lettuce and blueberries, pasta with red pepper parmesan sauce. I will most likely have a granola bar or two as well!

See ya later!027


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