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Mini Beach Vacation 2013

Hi Everyone!

You may (or may not) have noticed that I went M.I.A over the last few days.  I didn’t realize that I barely mentioned going away until after I left, so…woops!  Here I am!  I’m back after a short and sweet beach weekend with Russ and his family.

We drove down to the shore on Saturday night and spent the weekend doing all the typical beach vacation things!  Beach time, pool time, casinos (just to walk through), tv time, yummy food, and lots and lots of ICE CREAM.  Oh, and we stayed on track with marathon training and completed seven miles in 1.02 in the midday heat.  Maybe next week we will go when it’s cooler…

Here is a bunch of photos from our little vacation!  Enjoy 🙂ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

The sunsets and nature at the beach are never a disappointment!IMG_3956[1]041143edit131edit123edit099editAnd neither is the seafood!  We went out for a really delicious seafood dinner at a highly recommended hole-in-the-wall restaurant.   I ordered the fish and chips and loved every bite I could manage to eat!  We all made sure to save room for ice cream 🙂IMG_3949[1]IMG_3945editIMG_3959edit On Monday afternoon, Daria, one of my closest friends from school, hung out with us at the beach!  She actually convinced me to go in the water–something I haven’t done in a long time!  I’m just not a huge ocean person, but once I was in, I wanted to stay in…for a few minutes at least.IMG_3881editIMG_3914editIMG_3923editI have been to the beach with Russ’ family for the last three years and every year they make me feel like part of the family and we always have a great time!  It flew by way too fast, but was an amazing getaway and exactly what I needed after so many days at the pool.    I wish our schedules allowed us to get there more often!Image

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