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Harpers Ferry Recap: Day 3 & 4

This is the last of the Harpers Ferry posts, which is both a good and bad thing. I really enjoy having these posts to look back on and read again, but writing them is quite time consuming!

The third day at Harpers Ferry started in the best way- big, fluffy waffles with fresh fruit! After breakfast, my dad, Russ, Leland and I headed to a nearby flea market, right outside of town. 404There was a lot of junk being sold, but we also found a few good things.407 The guys all bought significantly marked down toiletries, such as razors, shampoo, cologne and conditioner. I, on the other hand, was more interested in the jewelry and watches. I have been looking for a simple silver and gold watch for a long time and I finally found one that was both inexpensive and simple! 409I really love it and got it for a great price.

After the flea market, we didn’t spend much time at home because we were going white-water tubing!338 Yes, it was as much fun as it sounds. They had a lazy river option and the white water option. Naturally, we went for the more dangerous option. After signing our lives away to River Riders and the Potomac River, we ate some lunch, watched a poorly made safety video, snapped on our life jackets and hoped for the best. They literally just drop you off, give you some pointers and pick you up. Safety and making it out injury- free are not in their hands. It was actually a lot of fun and we made it out alive (thankfully). There was only a small blip in the radar when my dad flipped over on the largest rapid. That was really scary and he sucked in some water, but everything (thankfully) was okay. Leland and Russ helped him get on his tube and we finished the course event-free. While waiting for the bus, we skipped rocks and played in the water near a really beautiful waterfall.  I don’t have any photos since the river and my phone/ camera wouldn’t get along.

When we got back, we showered and waited for my mom. We were starving so as soon as she got back from her hike, we headed to The Anvil, a restaurant a couple doors down from the hostel.411 We wanted to sit outside, but the tables were too small. Inside was nice too!417 Once again, I ordered the hippie burger and Russ ordered a cheeseburger, but this time we actually split half and half! Both were great.

We walked to 7-11 and bought cookies and cream ice cream and made it back just in time to beat a pretty daunting storm.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out, talking with the other guests and I started Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. So far, so good! I see a new addiction in my future.

On Monday, I woke up and went for a peaceful three mile run on my own. I loved that there were no cars and everything was so quiet, even on a Monday morning.  I even saw a deer and a cat hanging out together! When I got back, everyone was just sitting down for more waffle so I wasted no time pulling up a seat to join them. Delicious as usual. We packed up the car and said our goodbyes. We planned to hike for a couple hours before heading home, but changed plans last minute and briefly stopped at a picture perfect overlook at a condemned hotel before driving to Gettysburg for a history-packed afternoon. Again, we planned to hike, but plans changed and we bought tickets for the Gettysburg visitors center museum. We saw their video and the cyclorama and then spent 45 minutes in the museum. We tried I go on a mile and half hike, but couldn’t find the starting point. Instead, we made pb&j on the hood of the car and drove home to do laundry, say hi to Toby and have spaghetti for dinner.

I’m sad to be back because it means my summer is quickly coming to a close, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to go on fun vacations with my family and Russ. Can’t wait for next year’s vacation!

Back to the grind, but life is good.

I had more photos to add, but I think my WordPress capacity is at it’s max.  Trying to fix the problem!

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